Why would I attend a retreat?

A retreat allows you time – and permission – to rest, reflect and set your intention for change. We live and work in a fast paced world, and many of us are tired, fed up, burned out or on the edge of stress-induced illness. Maybe it’s time to take a step back from life to review your place in the world. Or, review your relationships. Are you in the midst of a life change, or stuck in the “same old” and need to find a new path? Maybe you don’t know why you want to attend, but somehow you just know that you need to. Each of us chooses to retreat for our own reasons and all reasons are valid. If you are visiting this website, it might mean that the desire to retreat is stirring in you. Do yourself a great favor and listen to that stirring, whether it is with Your Liminal Space or somewhere else. Listen.

What is included in a 3-Day retreat?

At a 3-Day retreat, you arrive at a set time in the morning and leave the venue at the designated time in the late afternoon or evening. We offer movement and guided meditation in the mornings followed by group sessions geared to personal exploration and reflection. We provide 6 privates therapy sessions (3 with Elaine; 3 with Plynn) for each of the 4 participants, as well as directed personal time. The experience is intense but powerful and highly effective in helping a person gain new perspective and inner understanding. Lunches, beverages and snacks are provided.

What happens on a typical day of the longer retreats?

Our days generally begin at 8 am with gentle exercise and a short meditation, followed by breakfast and group discussion on dream-work.Mornings and afternoons alternate between group sessions and private sessions with the facilitators. There are many opportunities for solitary personal reflection, with a host of individual prompts and exercises to aid you, if you so choose. Lunch and dinner also are opportunities for insight through facilitated discussions on specific topics. The evenings provide group activities centered on stirring self-awareness through creative arts.

A portion of time each day is set aside for outside communication by computer or telephone, if needed.

At the close of day, we encourage a written reflection on the day’s events. Guests are usually in their rooms by 9:30 pm.

What does the cost of a longer retreat include?

The cost is all-inclusive except your travel to and from the retreat location. Unique to Your Liminal Space, we offer our guests individual counseling therapy and integrated bodywork. Three, one-hour, private sessions for each guest are included in the cost of the retreat.

How can you personalize a retreat if I bring my own group?

If you bring a group of friends, family members, co-workers or you put a team of executives together, we can personalize the retreat to fit their needs and goals.  Friends may want the opportunity to share time and experience; a family might choose to work through an issue pertinent to their members’ circumstances; business or executive groups can focus on team building and brainstorming. We can reserve one of our retreat locations to accommodate your group’s time schedule, or you can find a venue of your own, and we will create a unique retreat experience for the occasion.

How do you choose your retreat locations?

We believe that it is important to take our guests outside of their everyday environment in order to inspire new thought and issue change. We work hard to find unique places of great beauty and physical comfort, where one can engage with the natural world. Experiencing different cultures and geographical locations stimulate our senses and offer opportunities to explore our responses to these differences in new and interesting ways. Though we look for places that provide a great deal of privacy, we often plan cultural excursions as part of the retreat schedule, as well.

What can I expect from the accommodations?

Expect a high level of comfort and luxury. We offer single rooms, most often with a private bath. Shared accommodations can be arranged, but we encourage separate rooms for the opportunity to be alone to rest and reflect, when desired. We share meals together at a single dining table and do group work in a sitting room or outdoors, when weather permits. Individual therapy sessions and bodywork are offered in private quarters.

What kind of food do you serve? What if I have dietary restrictions?

Our longer retreats include all meals. Breakfast is continental-style. For lunch and dinner, our local chefs prepare delicious regional dishes that generally include a protein, starch and plenty of fresh vegetables in the form of side dishes or salads. Wine is offered with dinner when appropriate to the group. We find that our guests work up quite good appetites, so we have nuts, fruit, sweet and savory snacks, and beverages available throughout the day, as well. Prior to joining us we will ask you to share any dietary needs or restrictions, which we will do our best to accommodate.

What does a private session entail?

Elaine offers multi-modality therapeutic counseling. Any and many topics can be addressed. The goal is to raise your awareness of both the positive and negative patterns you have constructed in your life. This gives you the opportunity to rethink which of those patterns serve you, and which do not. Awareness is the first step to change.Plynn offers integrated bodywork, using Cranial Sacral Balancing, Reiki, and Chakra Balancing. These are energy-based modalities that harmonize the body-mind-spirit, enhance relaxation, and can aid in the assimilation of new thoughts and intentions that often rise up when we allow ourselves to retreat.

What if I don't want to participate in some of the day's offerings?

Participation in all sessions and activities is greatly encouraged but not required. We suggest that you try everything once, and then a second time with the most comfortable and the least comfortable activity. After that you are free to do whatever you choose. This is your retreat. Our purpose and desire is to offer safe space and opportunities to engage deeply with your Self, but we trust that you know what you need and what is right for you.