Dreaming the Sun into Existence
by Plynn Gutman


Cold closes my eyes
Like the gazania blossom,
Its petals collapsed from
Lack of warmth, marking
Another drab summer.
This cloud of denial
Should have no place
On the edge morning.


Waking in a chill
I peer out the window
Into sky holding firm
In a blanket of gray,
My hope for clear blue
A half-dream pushing
Its way into time.


Mock orange blossoms drop
Mis-configured stars
Petal by white petal
Into a black pool of earth;
The newly planted lilac bush
Struggles to hold leaves and
Strength for next summer’s
Fragrant mauve flowers.


It’s a long journey through
Freezing snow and
Untenable spring rain,
But the gazania and I –
Two works in progress –
Still reach for sun
Through thick layers
Of grumbling clouds.