Plynn Gutman is a Certified Professional Coach, Author and Wellness Advocate. Online and in-person classes and workshops are available for booking.  See course selections below and sign up to be updated when new classes become available.

Classes & Workshops

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Jumpstart Your Way to a Happier, Healthier, More Integrated Life!

In this short but insightful course, Plynn presents her four-quadrant, Integrated Life model and offers four key attributes to help you jumpstart your way into a happier, healthier and more integrated life. A great opportunity to increase awareness of how you function in the world and to begin practicing personal writing as a tool for self discovery. This is a good companion class to Personal Writing: A Tool for Awareness and Change, and recommended to take prior to diving into Plynn’s Master Class: Creating An Integrated Life.


Personal Writing: An Instrument for Awareness and Change 

Join Plynn in this introductory class to discover interesting facts about the emotional and physiological benefits of personal writing, and learn several key writing techniques to help unlock the hidden inner resource of personal reflection, which leads to greater creativity, better problem solving skills, and the opportunity to discover new avenues to positive personal change. Journaling is a powerful tool to increase awareness of self and others, and scientifically proven to help release the tension and anxiety that often impedes personal progress. Start developing your writing habit with this rich and powerful session! A great foundational class to take before registering for Plynn’s Master Class: Creating An Integrated Life.


Writing with the Senses 

In this session, expand your journaling practice and personal awareness by exploring how your five senses contribute to your view of the world, the formation of memories and how they affect your interaction with others and the environment. Writing with the senses is a great tool for writers and poets, as well as for all of us who desire a deeper connection to our inner and outer worlds. A great companion to Plynn’s Personal Writing class.


Master Class: Creating an Integrated Life  

This comprehensive personal writing course invites you to deeply explore aspects of career, family, health and personal pursuits to discover ways to bring you greater harmony and satisfaction and create a balanced, integrated life. Each session is 1 hour and best taken over the course of four weeks to maximize your potential for growth. We highly suggest that you take Plynn’s foundational classes ~ Personal Writing: An Instrument for Awareness and Change, and/or Jumpstart Your Way to an Integrated Life ~ prior to diving into this Master Class.

Writing Workshops

Focusing on personal discovery through writing, Plynn offers workshops ranging from two hours to day-long sessions in which both beginning and experienced writers can explore themselves – and the craft of writing – by mining their thoughts and feelings for insights and ideas that often become the seeds to personal growth and change, greater emotional intelligence, and deeper awareness of one’s unique voice and life passion. Plynn crafts an expanding experience for participants with engaging writing prompts, group coaching and discussions. All writing is considered private, and respected as confidential, while the opportunity to share small excerpts and personal findings is encouraged as writers feel comfortable to do so.

Participants leave with a greater sense of Self, confidence in their ability to express themselves in writing and to use the writing process as a tool for ongoing personal and creative discovery.