Plynn Gutman

Plynn Gutman

Integrated Life Coach, Wellness Advocate & Author

Plynn Gutman is a Certified Professional Coach with a refreshing, holistic approach to achieving an Integrated Life.  Specialized retreats, workshops and classes are all a part of the wide array of resources Plynn offers, along with useful life lessons, tips and advice through her blog.  A writer at heart, with several titles available, Plynn’s variety of work appeals to everyone.



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Gather a group of friends, co-workers or family and let Plynn & Elaine curate the perfect retreat experience with Your Liminal Space. Offering unique locations and trained facilitators, all packages are customized to fit your needs and expectations.



Best selling author, Plynn Gutman, offers an array of books, stories and poems, crossing various topics. She is a well- known writing instructor and regularly facilitates workshops around the globe. Click here to view her available publications.



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As a proponent of journaling, I believe that our written words take our thoughts, which often circle obsessively in our minds, out of that inner[...]
Give Your Pain A Voice
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What do you do to help yourself when your body is in pain or when you physically hurt from emotion? For many of us crying[...]
Say YES to Saying NO!
December 28, 2016 | No Comments
Recently, for a week straight I had conversation after conversation with family, friends and clients, in which the concept of “learning to say no” came[...]
Gift card - closeup of woman showing a white card tied with a red ribbon.
A few years ago I received the most wonderful, holiday greeting in the mail. Along with an 8×10 sheet of adorable, fun-filled, family pictures came[...]

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